Who is ViSalus Sciences Anyways? Do They Really Care?








ViSalus in Perspective:


Interested to know who actually owns ViSalus Sciences? Well, the company is called Blyth. This is a family owned corporation having 2 direct selling companies under its umbrella. They have existed since 1977. Incredible isn’t it?

ViSalus Sciences is a Health and Wellness focused direct sales company with corporate offices in Troy, Michigan and Los Angeles, California. Offering a diverse line of quality nutritional supplements, energy drinks, and weight management solutions, the ViSalus community of customers and distributors stretches from coast to coast and promotes better health through its line of health and wellness products.  ViSalus now has distributors here in Canada. This is Amazing, right?? If you would like to take a look at some of the products, feel free to drop by at this address: http://fitnesshalton.myvi.net/challenge


ViSalus also matches donations to the Food Bank of your choice to feed the hungry. They have a program called ‘Feed the Kids” where every $24.00 donated another $24.00 is matched, thereby providing 60 meal replacements. Amazing isn’t it?  This is done online at http://www.fitnesshalton.visalusgiving.com


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