90 Day Weight Loss Challenge:

Why Should I???

So, last Saturday morning I went LIVE on 88.1 FM Radio!!!  Why you ask? Well, for starters I recently had surgery and stopped breathing quite a few times on the operating table which has brought me to be hooked up to a stupid oxygen machine ( named Gus, after the killed off Drug Cartel guy in the AMC series, “Breaking Bad”- don’t ask). I was suppose to be on this thing 2 years ago when I was diagnose with sleep apnea but thought I didn’t need it. Well…guess what? If there was ever a scare to lose this weight, this is the biggie!

I don’t know how much any of you know about sleep apnea but extra weight plays a huge factor with this. After watching my show “Breaking Bad” on a Sunday night and with everyone asleep and having the tv to myself my mind started wandering to the fridge. This is my down fall. Somehow I make the association with down time and sweet alone time with some good o’l comfort food. Ahhhh..my chillin time! So, what do I do? Put TV on pause and motor through the fridge. A few days later when I had to be weighed at my doctor’s office my jaw dropped! Surely I couldn’t weigh this much! Something was wrong with their weigh scale..surely!

Fast forward I am now on a 90 day challenge where I plan on losing 30 pounds for my health and well being. I am so tired of feeling tired and even though I worked out 3 x week before my surgery, I still couldn’t get rid of my back fat, bra bulge, big thighs and tummy…aaahhhhgggggg.!!!

So now I am putting myself out there. I am invited back to do another radio interview in 3 months and update the station with my progress until then. I will try and keep on top of this with blogging on here as well so stay tuned as I will post another picture in 30 days from now as well as blog about how the program is going for me.  To see my picture that was taken at the radio station under their Pink Floyd poster go to https://www.facebook.com/FERIdiamondgirl    Wish me Luck Guys!!!!

Tequila Critical Care

Sleep Apnea


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