Why the 50 Plus Woman Makes a Better Entrepreneur!


A study is currently underway in the UK with some information trickling in already. Women age 50 and beyond make the best entrepreneurs. Why? Because these women now know what they want, have a desire for self-actualization and fulfillment, and also have a need to give back to humanity(philanthropy). This is what sets them apart from the younger crowd below 50 who are more self centered and busy to even think of giving back.

More and more women of this age group are starting up their own business’. Their kids have left home and now they have an urge to follow their life’s passion as well as to give back to society. When I saw that these women chose the retail and service industries, I was not surprised as most of them have been care takers and nurturers anyways so it would come natural to them. Do you recognize these names?

  • Irene Rosenfeld, Kraft CEO, aged 57
  • Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, 56
  • Hillary Clinton, 63
  • Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo CEO, 55
  • Gail Kelly, Westpac CEO, 54
  • Nancy Pelosi, 70

Is it possible that older women not just have the advantage of experience and authority, but also are taken more seriously once they are no longer perceived as biologically necessary for group survival?


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